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Dong Xing refrigeration Electrical Co., Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer of air-conditioning refrigeration and industrial refrigeration equipment for large enterprises, the company has passed ISO9001: 2000 certification. In accordance with customer needs and planning the installation of central air-conditioning and industrial refrigeration projects. The company has many years of production experience and strong technical force and constantly absorbing the world advanced technology, the advanced level in the production of refrigeration equipment and the injection of peripheral equipment, for many years, people-oriented companies, a large number of poly suction of outstanding professionals to ensure that the producthigh-quality, high efficiency. TOSE company products have been popular at home and abroad for its excellent performance, reasonable price and good after-sales service, won the good market reputation. 
         Our main products include: open-ended industrial chillers, industrial water-cooled chillers, air-cooled industrial chillers, screw chillers, water-cooled cabinet air-conditioning units, die temperature units, grinder, blending machine, hopper dryer, products such as cooling towers. Our business philosophy is: closely with customers to maintain good communication, understanding customer needs and the direction of development, the establishment of long-term and stable cooperative relations, the protection of the interests of customers permanently. At the same time possesses a number of pre-professional training, after-sales service engineers, in practice have accumulated work experience, strict working attitude and proactive work style. Technical support and reliable after-sales service system to ensure a good customer to run each device to meet customer production requirements. Our service guarantee
         1: We are testing the machines since the date of the contract that is to enjoy the following services 
             Free one-year warranty (limited to China) 
             A large annual maintenance 
             24-hour breakdown service
         2: We are ready for users to arrange skills training, free training for users is now the operator.
         3: we can provide users with all of the above-mentioned services industry chillers.
          Details can be with my plant maintenance department or contact the dealer.
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