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Company name: Dong Xing refrigeration Electrical Co., Ltd.

Sales call: +86-0755-81715045 

Phone: +86-0755-29400289

Sales email:2849197007@qq.com

After sale service network: Beijing
Tianjin  Qingdao Shi Jiazhuang  
Anhui Chongqing  ChangshaWuhan
Nanchang Chengdu Haikou Fuzhou

Corporate culture
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Development strategy of quality, speed, benefits, services, superior quality, favorable price, best service, "dedicated to return the new and old customers sincere move to promote enterprise development services and social progress.
All rights reserved; Dong Xing refrigeration Electrical Co., Ltd.   electricity words: 0755-81715045 13923464030
The true: 0755-81715085 address: Shenzhen Guanlan Dan Village Run Industrial Zone No. 110 East Star Industrial Park
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